Guangzhou Cinema Creater Equipment Co.,Ltd is a high-tech company, which majors in designing, R&D, manufacturing, project implementation about XD Dynamic Products and VR Products, especially in theaters,exhibition, ACG(Cartoon & Game), Theme parks and so on.

Cinema Creater focuses on the R&D and manufacture of XD Cinema Equipment which h- as been approved in this field. The dynamic simulative effect is world-leading. The equipment has been the leader in domestic. Additionally, our company is a rare company in domestic ma- rket which is capable of researching and manufacturing XD cinema software and hardware. XD Dynamic Seat Control can achieve the level of frame synchronization, which its smoothness, accurate position and synchronization have gotrid of the inflexibility and single speed of the dynamic seats. Therefore, it can bring the audience into the scene, which makes it become an immersive experience.

Our company always adheres to the innovation and create high-tech projects for investors in cu- lture and entertainment with bestinvestment value. Now our company has a product line of 4D cinema, 5D dynamic theater, 7D interactive cinema and 9D-VR. Besides, our company also h- as mature technology in special effects and grasp the pneumatic, hydraudlic and electric motio- n simulative technology . In order to make the investors recoup the investment in the short term, Cinema Creater has talented staffs with professional design team, operation team and support team which can offer business analysis, project design, decoration design, installation, after-sales service, updated movies, operation guidance and so on.