4D Cinema

4D cinema is a new theater product based on 3D cinema and adding environmental special effect for simulation. 4D cinema is the combination of 3D and environmental special effect. When viewers viewing the movie, as the change of the movie content, 4D dynamic cinema seat can simulates rise and fall, pitching, vibration and so on. So it can not only give viewers an immersive and exciting feeling but also entertainment.

4D Dynamic Cinema Seat

It can match with the movie plot.It has the special effects, such as stabbing, leg sweeping, bumping and vibration. And it also has these environmental special effects: blowing, rain,snow, lightening, fog, bubbles, fire and fuming.

4D Dynamic Cinema Seat

It can match with the movie plot. It has the special effects, such as stabbing, leg sweepi- ng, bumping and vibration. And it also has t- hese environmental special effects: blowing, rain,snow, lightening, fog, bubbles, fire and fuming.

The Scope of Application for 4D cinema

The scope of application: Digital Theater Planetarium, Dome theater, Large theater, 3 D cinema, Museum, science center, tourist attraction, educational institutions, research inst- itute, VR center, Cubic environment, fair, exhibition, theme park

4D Cinema Market

With the development of economic, the per capita consumption has been improved. Recently, the development of domestic cinema can be described as a blowout.

At the 2016 Spring Festival, Chinese box office totals reaches 3.022 billion yuan, total viewing trips is 82.65 million. Both are 4 times as the box office and viewing trips in 2013, which increases 66% and 78%

Chinese film also accounts for a great share in global market. For example, the total box office in 2915 reached 440.69 million. Compared with the box office in 2014, it grew up 48.7% which the growth speed was the No.1 in the world.

Chinese film box office is excepted to exceed the north American and becomes the large movie market.

Such broad prospects, seize the opportunity, is to seize the wealth!

The Box Office Comparison Of the Real Case

The box office in one domestic cinema before
installing 4d seat
The box office after installing 4d seats
date session people box office dete session people box office the adding revenue by 4D
2014.8 75 1125 33750 2014.11 145 5075 152250 118500

(1) 4D cinema matches with the film plot. 4D cinema has the special effects of stabbing, v- ibration, leg sweep and bumping. So it can simulate forward, lean back, falling, bumping a- nd so on. Besides, it also has the special effects of blowing, rainy, snow, lightning, fog, fire and fuming.

(2) You can have the over-round feeling of vision, hearing, touch and smell. And you will be personally on the scene!

(3) 4D cinema is the inevitable choice for the young to go in for novelty. It is unnecessary to go against the tide.

The Planning and Design for 4D Cinema

The immersive 4D dynamic cinema system can give the customers an environment of entertainment and makes them feel on the scene. This system with the high technology of sound, light and electric creates a strong sense of seeing and hearing experience, and a sense of reality through vision, hearing, touch and interactive system. Therefore, the construction of the immersive 4D dynamic system is complex. It relates to the sound, light, electric, image processing, automatic control, software and hard ware of computer, and the interdisciplinary and multiindustry professional technology. Hence, before the construction of the imm- ersive 4D dynamic system, it need a careful demand analysis, system design and planning.

For the users, what type of 4D dynamic cinema system can be suitable for their requirement is determined by a lot of elements, including the type of the target viewers, the size of the site, actual situation, drama, surroundings control, expected seating capacity and so on. In order to reach the expected invest effect of the 4D cinema, all of these need a strict system analysis, design and a whole layout.

As for the top 4D cinema, Cinema Creater has rich experience in system design and construction., and owns abundant cases of top users. Cinema Creater has the ability to offer users a complete system analysis, design and planning. And we can design and construct a perfect immersive 4D cinema for users.

According to the different cinema space and structure, we will provide specific planning scheme.

Our Technology Deserves to Your Trust

To make sure every detail can be perfect, professional engineer perfectly design every element for 4D cinema.

The design and layout we offer include cinema design, LED system design,the course of the equipment control technology, audio, light, chairs, screen, dynamic seats, cinema effect, interactive effect, media management, film making and so on. Combine all these contents, we can create an excellent immersive 4D cinema system and build a thrilling experience environment to provide us a forgettable and exciting fest of the entertainment, which add color to the education, entertainment and other project.

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