7D Interactive Cinema

7D interactive cinema is a new dynamic entertainment product. It combines the popular entertainment, 3D video and cinema special effects together. It can design entertainment equipment with various themes. According to the different themes, 7D interactive cinema simulates the scenes and the movie plot. Meanwhile, it matches with the special effect seat and environment effect. Then as the change of the plots, viewers can have a gruelling duel with 3D simulated enemies by their imitation guns. All these can give viewers unprecedented excitement and pleasure and then stimulates people to view one more again.

Feature 1  Strong stereoscopic effect, makes you never stop screaming! Excellent technology of production and super realistic visual effects keep your screams re- sound through the whole theater.

Feature 2  Vivid special effect, makes you astonished! With a variety of realistic special effects of movie plot and super powerful experience, it can make you enjoy yourself!

Feature 3  Complete with many people. Viewers can become the movie leading role. Meanwhile, they can complete with many people for becoming winner. And you can control your result!

Feature 4  Take photos and share the happy moment. 7D cinema has the function that it can take photo automatically. The photos can show yourself and record your enjoyable moment to give you a special experience!

The profit analysis for the 6 seats 7D cinema

  • Time of each movie: 8-10 minutes
  • Opening hours: 10 hours

Supposed that it can display 4 movies every hour, it seats 6 people in theater in each movie, so the maximum number of viewing people a day is 240. If the attendance is 70%, the number of the viewing people is approximately 168 a day.

ticket price daily viewing daily revenue monthly revenue annual
$20 $168 $3360 $100800 $1209600
labor cost/
2 people
monthly rent water &
$6000 $8000 $5000 $19000 $228000
monthly profit $81800
annual profit $981600


equipment costs decoration current funds total investment
$115000 $20000 $10000 $145000

This is a project that you can recover your costs in 2 or 3 months and get million profits in a year!

Cinema Creater creates new profit ideas for you

It is compatible with the system of 3D/4D/5D/ 7D, it has various profit patterns.
Our country supports cultural industry, so there is no obstruction for pioneering work and operation.
Strong interactivity and high participation can attract customers to experience repeatedly.
No limited consumers. 7D interactive cinema is suitable for the old and the young, so it has great entertainment demand.
It is flexible to choose a place. And it is fit for amusement area and business center
Simple operation, less maintenance, no technical requirement, low investment, quick returns

Cinema Creater creates new profit ideas for you

Servo motion platform

Dynamic seat perfectly combines motion and 7D special effect together which can make people feel a strong sense. The dynamic seat system can make a fall, pitch, vibration and so on. Additionally, after the improvement of some motion instruction, it will has high reliability and the overall structure will be more durable with 10 years of service life.

Independent R&D audio control vibrator synchronously controls the vibration amplitude and frequency of the seat. So it has no noise but with strong vibration. The operating cost of servo motion platform is low as it can save energy and the installation and the maintenance are simple.

Various Environmental Special Effects

On the base of 3D, 5D cinema adds motion seats and environmental effect. It can make customers feel a strong sense of reality through hearing, sight, smell and touch. It can simulate blowing, rainy, snowing, light, bubbles, fire, leg sweep, back stab, vibration, smoke and so on to give you a special experience!

Professional Planning Team

  1. Cinema Creater provides one-stop service for your 7D dynamic cinema operation, such as store location, design, equipment delivery, installation, open training, marketing guide, sustainable development support and so on. We also can put forward specific resolutions to problems in time. So if you don’t have any experience to operate, you also can get profit!
  2. Construction: Make use of plate house, and you can operate flexibly. We free offer Design recommendations of store decoration and plane figure.
  3. Installation: We will send technical staff for you to install equipment, debug products and do some training.
  4. Opening: We will provide you with an complete marketing program and a series of promotion materials.

The Case Of the Decoration

Massive movies

In order to meet the needs of all ages, we Cinema Creater offer diverse movies with different themes, such as interactive shooting, thriller, cartoon, racing, adventure, roller coaster and so on. Massive excellent movies for your choice and regularly free to update. Therefore, it is no need to worry anything.

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