The core of 9D VR is technology. 9D VR is a new product which perfectly combines 3D audio, motion movie, head tracking, the interaction of multiplayer, mechanical imaging, animation production and cloud networking together.

What are the differences with the traditional 3D and 5D for 9D VR? Regardless of 2D/3D or 5D/7D, no matte it is straight screen or ring screen, the movie is 90 degree and you just sit there to watch the movie. Instead of screen, our 9D VR Experience Pod use glasses to watch the movie. But the difference is that the movie can be turning as your head turns around, so it can reach 360° to watch movie. Even if it is in the same place, it is the same equipment, it is the same movie, it also can display different contents when you are in different angle. So this is the uniqueness of 9D VR.

Good product will have great market. For 9D VR by Cinema Creater, its business pattern is various. So as the top mark of virtual reality entertainment technology in the world, 9D movie is the first target for people to pursuit. Secondly, personalized design of 9D VR is a interpretation of endless wonders in the virtual world. It can attract passerby to have a try. Therefor, it can be a focus in one place. It is unnecessary to worry the guest source. Last but no the least, 9D VR can be removed flexibly. So it is suitable for malls, community, park, tourist attraction, school surroundings, cinema, KTV, airport, station, smart home experience center, internet cafes and so on. In short, it can bring more business opportunities to partners.

Profit Analysis of VR Experience Pod

revenue ticket price daily viewing daily revenue monthly revenue annual revenue
$30 $60 $1,800 $54,000 $648,000
expenditure labor cost/people water & electricity monthly rent monthly expenditure annual expenditure
$3,000 $800 $1,000 $13,800 $165,600
monthly profit $40,200
annual profit $482,400

This is a top & new product with high profit ! Come on!

Cinema Creater Creates A Road to Fortune For You

Special VR Experience Pod

Special 6DOF VR

9D VR with 6DOF creatively combines VR helmet, motion platform, environmental spe- cial effect and 9D movie together, which can offer real simulation for experiencers form sight, hearing, touch and smell. So 9D VR with 6DOF makes more people immerseinto the 3D spa- ce and explore the new world together.

After the upgradation, more customers can participate in virtual games.
After the motion platform is improved as 6DOF, it will give you double excitement.
Enhance the real feeling after adding environmental effects.
Strong compatibility makes moviesand games perfectly combine together.
A variety of seats for your choice to create a more flexible and diversified experience museum.


We don’t sell consumer product but sell operating product. We will make a marketing p- lan and a series of promotion materials to help customers who choose Cinema Creater to get rich return.

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