Cario, is the capital and the largest city in Egypt. It is the center of politics, economy and culture in the whole Middle East. The people in Cario love life and entertainment very much. In exhibition, I met Mary who is from Cario, accompanied by her husband and cousin. From her words, I understood that people in Cario love life and entertainment.

In exhibition, Mary was very interested in our product 7D Cinema, and planned to buy 9 seats 7D Cinema, so we invited her to our company Cinema Creater. Along the way, we talked a lot. There were about their lives, and there are also about their work and the purpose of this trip to China. She does business of entertainment project, she has her own cinema, and business is very good. At this time, she told me that, she wanted to add something different to increase popularity. Actually, 7D Cinema was very suitable for her cinema, as there were shooting interactive games for 7D Cinema. 7D Interactive cinema was the updated version of 5D dynamic cinema. It not only had 5D technology but also contained unique interactive shooting system and photographed function. The audience could immerse themselves in it while they played a role in the story. Holding 7D interactive gun, the audience could experience a soul-stirring 7D interactive shooting game while they played against other game players.


After she had experienced our 7D cinema. She was very satisfied with our product. As a matter of fact, Mary had been to many other suppliers. But finally, Mary choosed us without hesitation.

Thanks for Mary’s cooperation! We are looking forward your cooperation in the future. We believe that Mary can have a good business with our product!