4D Cinema is an art creation. Lim Lawrence, who is from Malaysia, is the person in charge of a project — cinema upgrading. Why does he want to upgrade the cinema? He said that there were many advantages to upgrade as 4D Cinema. First, after upgrading as 4D Cinema, it can attract more young people. We know that the young is the main stream of the viewing group. 4D Cinema is their best choice to meet their novelty. Secondly, 4D Cinema can make the cinema different from other cinemas. It can bring more people and make greater profit!

Before Mr. Lim came to our company to experience the 4D Cinema, he had been to several 4D suppliers. After he experienced our 4D cinema, he said our 4D Cinema was great. Our motion synchronized with movie plot well. Finally, he choosed us, made an order of 36 seats 4D cinema and pay 30% as the deposit.

Trust us! We give you the best!